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Bridge Maintenance

Course Description:

This workshop provides many examples of local bridge maintenance problems, how to spot them, and how to fix them. It also reviews how to develop a bridge maintenance plan based on recommendations in your local government’s bridge inspection bound report and how to deal with bridge emergencies. Many types of bridges and culvert size structures will be covered in the workshop, including timber bridges. This workshop is a must for your bridge maintenance foreman and bridge crew personnel.

This workshop is intended for road and bridge foremen and staff who have responsibility for bridge inspection, maintenance, or management. This includes individuals from Kansas counties, cities, townships, and other organizations whose personnel are involved in bridge inspection, maintenance, or management.

An elective Roads Scholar Level II course.

Course Objectives:

  • Organize Bridge Records for National Bridge Inspection Program
  • Identify Bridge Superstructure Types & Critical Details
  • Classify different elements in Maintaining a Safe Bridge Approach
  • Utilize proper Bridge Deck Repair Techniques
  • Recall the requirement for Bridge Load Rating
  • Label different Types of Expansion Joints and Bearing Devices
  • Carry out proper Timber Bridge Member Repair Techniques
  • Compare different Substructure Preventative Maintenance Techniques
  • Develop a Culvert Preventative Maintenance program
  • Recognize what makes a Good Waterway

Instructor: Roger Alexander

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