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LTAP Courses

Asphalt Road and Street Maintenance

This course brings Kansas road and street crews information on maintaining Kansas low-volume paved roads and asphalt-treated wearing surfaces.

Asset Management and Cost Accounting

Improve skills in developing project budgetary and tracking expenditures

Bridge 101

The objective of this training is to provide the participant with the tools to improve their knowledge of bridge types, basic terminology, bridge components, and bridge inspections.

Bridge Maintenance

How to spot and fix common bridge problems

Budgeting and Finance

This course defines the role of the county commission as financial policymakers and related roles of citizens, other elected officials, and staff.

City Government 101

This workshop offers front-line employees a practical primer on county/city government to enhance understanding of what influences and shapes their day-to-day jobs.

Communication Skills for Effective Supervision

This course covers communication basics, things to avoid, best practices, and how to communicate during difficult conversations.

Concrete Road and Street Maintenance

This course presents the practices of designing, constructing, and rehabilitating concrete pavements

Conflict Resolution

STOP Method | Personality Types | Shift T Empathy Exercise | Four D's of Disconnect | BATNA | Four Step Process

County Government 101

This workshop offers front-line employees a practical primer on county/city government to enhance understanding of what influences and shapes their day-to-day jobs.

Culvert Inspections

Discuss the importance of culvert inspections

Culvert Management

The objective is to enable participants to plan a good culvert replacement project that enhances roadway safety that is also good for the environment.

Culverts and Drainage

Information will be provided on the types of culvert products available, including the pros and cons of the various products, and proper installation techniques.

Effective Community and Media Communication

Effective community and media communication can rally support, calm a nervous public, provide much-needed information, encourage cooperative behaviors, and help save lives.

Effective Management of Intergovernmental Relations

This course will focus on the intergovernmental relations found among them and the myriad issues that accompany the day-to-day operations that affect the overall efficiency of our system.

Foundations in Customer Service

Application and refinement of basic communication skills to typical customer service situations.

Fundamentals of Leadership

In this course, participants will examine concepts of leadership development, enhance awareness of leadership strengths and limitations, and identify sources of influence and authority

Fundamentals of Supervision

Examine the roles, responsibilities, and tasks of the supervisor's job

Gravel Road and Street Maintenance

Provide basic information on engineering matters | Discuss best maintenance practices

Guardrail Maintenance and Repair

This workshop will look at design principles but is not intended to provide participants with the knowledge to design or evaluate the need for guardrail.

Legal Aspects of Management

This workshop will help supervisors navigate the most current legal provisions associated with the public sector workplace and translate them into plain-English guidelines.

Legal, Permitting, and Regulatory Processes

Understand the necessity of regulatory permits & identify which regulatory permits are required for your projects.

Making Safer Roads

This class will cover the basics of utilizing crash data to make safer roads and improve intersections.

Managing Employee Performance

This course will provide information on how to increase motivation and employee engagement, types of training methods, how to set clear goals and expectations, and how to provide formal and informal feedback.

MUTCD for Technicians

This one-day course provides an introductory overview of the MUTCD, with emphasis on MUTCD applications related to work zones (temporary signing).

Overview of Human Resource Management

This course is designed to give you an overview of the key elements of human resource management

Overview of Engineering Functions in Public Works

Review relevant statutes and discuss liability issues. | Consider procedures and penalties.

Problem Solving for Effective Supervision

Supervisors will learn skills to tackle the tough problems that present themselves in a dynamic workplace.

Project Planning and Management

This workshop will provide information on project planning and management processes

Providing Employee Safety

This workshop focuses on affirmative measures that can be implemented by a supervisor to prevent and if necessary, respond to workplace accidents and injury.

Public Works I and II

Emergency management | Job costing | Public works budgeting

Risk and Liability Issues

This workshop will provide crew members and supervisors with a basic understanding of tort liability and risk management

Snow and Ice Control

Discuss how to get the most out of snow removal equipment

Supervisor's Role in Enhancing Cooperative Work Relationships

Examine interpersonal behaviors that can detract from or contribute to cooperative relationships


Welding Basics | MIG | Thermal Lance

Workplace Jobsite and Equipment Safety

This workshop will provide comprehensive instruction in the workplace, job site, and equipment safety on topics specific to Kansas road, bridge, and highway staff.

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