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Culvert Management

Course Description:

This workshop provides the basics of drainage and selecting, sizing, and installing culvert replacements. Items covered will include designs for fish passage, channel grade stabilization, streambank stabilization, and applying for a Corps permit. The objective is to enable participants to plan a good culvert replacement project that enhances roadway safety that is also good for the environment.

This workshop is designed for individuals who have responsibility for planning, design, and permitting of crossroad culvert replacement projects along rural roads and city streets. This includes county and city engineers, road supervisors, foremen, technicians, and township officials who have drainage responsibilities. Elected officials are also welcome to attend.

An elective Roads Scholar Level II course.

Course Objectives:

  • Difference between a culvert and a bridge
  • Drainage law
  • Culvert types and materials
  • Tort Liability and what makes a good project.
  • When you need an engineer for culvert replacements.
  • Road engineering factors affecting culvert sizing.
  • Environmental factors affecting culvert sizing.
  • Fish passage and channel stabilization at culvert outfalls.
  • Environmental Permits and when you need them.
  • Environmental Issues and how to stay out of trouble.

Instructor: Norm Bowers

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