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KDOT Project Manager Certification Program [ONLINE]

Course Overview: 

FHWA and KDOT conduct project reviews each year. These reviews have frequently identified issues with project construction and contract administration compliance. To address these concerns, KDOT in association with FHWA and the Kansas Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) has developed the KDOT “Project Manager Certification Program” (PMCP) that all LPA “Person in Responsible Charge” or Project Manager (PM) must complete prior to serving as a PM for a project with Federal or State funding. This certification module is entitled “Project Construction and Contract Administration” (PMCP-C). Additional modules may be added in the future based on results from future project reviews.

Beginning June 1, 2018, LPA-Certification requirements for LPA-Administered projects with Federal or State funding will include this certification for the project’s “Person in Responsible Charge” or Project Manager (PM). If more than one PM is involved with the project and responsible for a particular phase, the LPA must identify which PM is responsible a particular phase of the project. The LPA must notify the Bureau of Local Projects immediately if the project’s PM is removed or reassigned.

This certification module consists of watching 14 short videos and taking an online test consisting of 65 questions based on the videos. Each person who is identified as a PM for any phase of the project is required to be certified. Certification under this program must be renewed every 3-years.


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