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Road Scholar I Session

The Level One: Technical Skills Program enhances the knowledge of general public works maintenance and construction methods, safety practices, and how local government is organized and operated as it applies to quality public service.

A certificate is awarded to an individual who participates and passes all required courses for the level. A person can be enrolled in more than one level at the same time, if desired. In general, a certificate must be earned for the preceding level in order to obtain a certificate at the next level. Courses may be taken in any order, at any time. Individuals with more than 5 years of public works experience may choose to skip Level One and proceed to Level Two, with supervisor approval. Please submit a request to the Kansas LTAP at

Technical Skills Courses

  • Culverts and Drainage
  • Risk and Liability Issues
  • MUTCD for Technicians
  • Snow and Ice Control
  • Road Maintenance (choose two of the following three)
    • ?Gravel Road and Street Maintenance
    • Asphalt Road and Street Maintenance
    • Concrete Road and Street Maintenance
  • Workplace, Jobsite, and Equipment Safety
  • Foundations in Customer Service
  • Government 101 (choose one of the following two)
    • County Government 101
    • City Government 101

Technical Skills Elective Courses

The following courses are not required, but one may be taken in place of one of the workshops listed above.


$35.00 Public Fee
No Restrictions