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Culverts and Drainage

Date: 10/22/2024 9:00 AM - 10/22/2024 4:00 PM

Location: Montezuma - 508 W Sunnyside Ave
508 W Sunnyside Ave, Montezuma, KS 67867
Montezuma Community Building
, Kansas




Course Description:

This workshop includes the basics of drainage and selecting, sizing, and installing culverts. Items covered will include drainage law in Kansas as it relates to backwater and changing the natural drainage pattern, factors that affect the amount of runoff and the sizing of culverts, and using common sense in culvert sizing.

Information will be provided on the types of culvert products available, including the pros and cons of the various products, and proper installation techniques. Common causes of culvert failures will be discussed as well as culvert rehabilitation and lining. Work around streams is regulated by environmental agencies so environmental issues and permitting will also be discussed.

This workshop is designed for maintenance crews, foremen, and supervisors who provide and maintain smaller drainage facilities along rural roads and city streets. This includes county and city engineers and road supervisors, technicians and road crew members, township trustees, and State staff who have drainage responsibilities. Elected officials are also welcome to attend.

 A required Roads Scholar Level I course.

Course Objectives:

  • Provide maintenance personnel the information needed to inspect or maintain culverts and drainage systems efficiently and effectively
  • Introduce Kansas drainage law
  • Identify drainage areas and other factors affecting runoff
  • Understand how road factors are related to culvert sizing
  • Understand how environmental factors are related to culvert sizing
  • Identify when to replace culverts and when engineering study and guidance is needed
  • Identify culvert types and materials
  • Identify what makes a good culvert project
  • Understand best practices of culvert installation, bedding, and backfill
  • Identify the need for trench safety and the rules governing trench and excavation safety
  • Identify causes of culvert failures
  • Examine when culvert rehabilitation and lining make sense
  • Introduce environmental issues and the need for permits

Instructor: Keith Browning

Please note: Lunch is no longer offered during LTAP courses. Instead, a morning kickstart will be offered at beginning of this course.

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