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Bridge 101 [VIRTUAL]

The objective of this training is to provide the participant with the tools to improve their knowledge of bridge types, basic terminology, bridge components, and bridge inspections using the National Bridge Inspection form and frequency of inspections. This is a basic awareness course; those participating in this training will improve their technical knowledge, and be able to correctly identify major bridge components and materials used in bridge construction and maintenance.

 An elective Roads Scholar Level I course.

Course Objectives:

  • Provide maintenance personnel the information needed to identify bridge materials and bridge types
  • Introduce bridge inspections and the importance of maintenance items on a bridge inspection.
  • Identify basic bridge materials, members, shapes, and components associated with bridges and structures
  • Identify bridge types with an understanding of the structural differences
  • Examine how load paths for different bridge types and structures are transferred through the structure to the ground
  • Introduce the required bridge inspection reports and cycles for inspection
  • Identify the need for follow up maintenance and documentation of items found on the bridge and culvert inspection forms


$35.00 Public Fee
No Restrictions